Welcome. Ahoy. Let’s begin…

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Welcome. Ahoy. Let’s begin….

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I’ve owned two Yacht Constructors/Cascade boats for some time now:  #28 Chinook 34, built and launched in 1962, and #17 Cascade 42, launched in 1968.  Both are beloved projects.  My name is Doug. This is (obviously) my first blog ever.

My goal in this blog and a subsequent static web site  is to explore ownership and share ideas, resources and swap personal stories about the Northwest’s own legendary sailboats. Fiberglass hull technology was INVENTED here in Portland, Oregon by a small group of avid sailing enthusiasts to improve their racing results.  I’ve learned that these brave souls had no intention of starting a boat building company,  and that they certainly could not have imagined the impact their experimental hulls would have on the future of all sailors.

Portland’s  rcyc_logo-960a is the home of more Cascade sailboats than anywhere else — not surprising — the boats were “born” there. Much of what I’ve found out comes from conversations with  members, many of whom are relatives and descendants of the five original Yacht Constructors founders, worked in the factory or were close friends and sailing enthusiasts.  As a member, I’m privileged to be surrounded with willing sources of information about the “old days”.  So, I’m writing  and working on a video documentary which features, among others,  the surviving Yacht Constructors founder, 100 year old Wade Cornwell, still an active member of the yacht club.  Here is a quickly edited excerpt.

Anyway, let’s get to know each other, our legendary boats and maybe even create a viable group of enthusiasts.

More later…

Doug Crombie
Portland, Oregon

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